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Tachibana Shito
23 March 2012 @ 09:14 am
Yes, Shito finally got a cellphone. Or rather, Kuroro gave him one, and so he carries it. He sucks at texting because the auto-complete function confuses him, but he will make a valiant attempt. Chika had to set up his voicemail for him.

[The voicemail message starts with Chika laughing.]

Chika: This idiot doesn't know how to record a voicemail message.

Shito [In the background]: Shut up, I can record a goddamn message!

Chika: Quiet, you curly-haired freak! Anyway, leave him a message after the beep and he'll call you back if he can figure out how to push the right buttons.

Shito: Give me back my phone!

[There's a sound of scuffling and the phone is dropped. After a moment, the recording ends]
Tachibana Shito
21 December 2010 @ 12:55 pm
Happy birthday, Devit.

Your present is under the bed.

[OOC: Yeah, they're in Hong Kong, so staying at a hotel atm, but Shito bought Devit a Nintendo DS, since it's portable, and a couple of games, including the Rockband on Tour game and a couple of RPGs that looked interesting]
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Tachibana Shito
Shito sat at a long table in the cafeteria beside his partner, eating his way through a plate of yakisoba noodles. He took a bite, frowned, then glanced down the table.

"Akatsuki," he said quiet. "Could you please ask Devit to pass the soy sauce."

It was all the way down the table, and Devit was on Chika's other side, close enough to reach the soy sauce.
Tachibana Shito
The kitchen smelled like burnt batter and there was a slight haze of smoke in the air. Thankfully (?), none of the smoke detectors in the decrepit building worked, so they weren't assaulted by any loud buzzing noises, but Devit had been coughing since the last lopsided attempt had come out of the oven.

Shito blinked at the cake, which listed sharply to one side and was a little more like charcoal than chocolate on the bottom, and frowned.

"Why the hell are we baking a cake for Birkin?"
Tachibana Shito
02 February 2010 @ 09:43 am
Open to the creeper crew and the rescue brigade!

Let's not worry about turn order and do it a bit like an event post, with multiple threads, guys, so we can get this done.

Also, I lied. It's not backdated.
Tachibana Shito
30 January 2010 @ 07:55 pm
Shito leaned against one of the more solid walls in the dorm and folded his arms, waiting. He wasn't all that happy about being forced out of the house by Devit and Jasdero - he didn't trust Devit and he trusted him about a billion times less when he had Jasdero with him and therefore all of his power.

But he was still shivering a little after the conversation he'd just had with Birkin, and maybe getting out and doing something...fun would help.

He didn't think there was anyone in the world worse than Toho, but apparently there was someone in another world. Birkin was using his knowledge and science to kill lots of people in his world, and he seemed just as creepy in his interest in Shito as Toho was. He just hoped that he'd continue to be creepy from the other side of a computer screen.
Tachibana Shito
Shito stumbled a little as he entered the grave yard at the back of the dorm, and had to catch himself on a wall. He paused, gasping for breath. "God damnit," he hissed miserably, rubbing a hand over his face and then limping over to one of the gravestones. "He did whatever he wanted."

He sank down and sat, covering his face with his hands. His body trembled a little with reaction as he struggled to regain his control and gather enough strength to make it upstairs to his bed.
Tachibana Shito
16 December 2009 @ 02:47 pm
Shito walked with Dietrich out of the cafeteria, ignoring the continued titters of the girls who watched the two idols walking together. He had no real idea of where they were going, so he just walked until there were no people around and stepped into the alcove formed by the door to a darkened classroom.

"You know," he said hotly. "If you think getting into a bus accident and being maimed for life is so great and beautiful, maybe you should try it."
Tachibana Shito
Shito was on his knees, panting.

No, not like that, pervs.

He had poked his nose into the room that was set aside for Junpei about half an hour before, just to make sure that the essentials had been placed in there, like a bed. But seeing the room, he had noticed that the entire room was coated in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs. Cobwebs on the ceiling he could deal with in his own room, but Junpei was a guest, and the room should at least be clean before he moved in, it seemed to him.

So he was on his knees on the floor, scrubbing at a rather mysterious dark stain on the floorboards.
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